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As a licensed professional counselor, I aim to help individuals identify their unique inner strengths and facilitate personal growth in dealing with a variety of issues such as substance use and addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, and adjusting to the transitions of everyday life

I strive to create a warm, supportive, genuine, and nonthreatening atmosphere where individuals can feel that they are being listened to and understood as well as feeling safe to explore those areas most important to them. With a combined background of psychology, sociology, and yogic philosophy, I look to find holistic approaches that compliment each client’s individuality and needs.

Seeing personal growth as a process, I assist clients in facing life’s challenges and moving forward positively. I am a client-centered therapist with experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Trained in EMDR and SMART Recovery, and certified in utilizing yoga and Reiki, I understand that finding the right counselor can be challenging. Please feel free to contact me so you can feel confident in our fit for a counseling connection.


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