For retention periods, see Storage Limits. (This illustration does not cover raw and aggregated metric data. Each subnet in a VCN can exist in a single availability domain or across an entire region. 1. Supported values for interval depend on the specified time range in the metric query (not applicable to alarm queries). Which statement is NOT true about OCI block volume service? D. Data transfer from one instance to another within the same availability domain. Place one server and a DB node in one fault domain, and the second server and DB node in another fault domain. It runs Spark jobs at scale It works with public IP addresses only. 4. Database Enterprise Edition Fault domains are physical data centers within regions. Security of the private cloud C. Services consistently perform as expected. D. Data center extension. 3. Comparments can be nested. Compartments can be used to physically separate OCI resources. B. C. It is a Python library that makes tasks faster, easier, and less error prone. Across multiple regions and availability domains. 4. 2. (Correct), Answer :*Subscribe to the desired region. If the VCCV_{C C}VCC supply voltage were increased to 15V15 \mathrm{~V}15V, what would voutv_{\text {out }}vout equal? Which TWO statements correctly describe the OCI accelerated data science SDK? Each subnet in a VCN can exist in a single availability domain or across an entire region. Understanding of basic cloud concepts and its principles of economics, Describe the key features and components of OCI. (Correct), Answer :*Ultra-high performance Availability Domain, Which Pricing model is supported by OCI? 1. Yearly Flex model for pricing, Which of these is customer's responsibilities model for security? Ans: Monitoring 4. Which OCI Monitoring service feature uses metrics for monitoring and consists of a trigger action and notification method? Cost Management Which OCI service leverages terraform to configure infrastructure-as-code? Ingress is charged between two availability zones 3. 3. D. You are not responsible for any aspect of security in OCI. Which capability can be used to protect against unexpected hardware or power supply failures within an Availability Domain? Which statement is true about a Web Application Firewall (WAF)? Monitoring 3. Exadata 1. Solve for u=u(x,y)u=u(x, y)u=u(x,y) : Code the diagnosis for the following diagnoses. The list is limited to a hundred entries. Each Availability Domain has three Fault Domains. (Correct)*Budgets For exposing multiple hostnames, the ingress gateway allows wildcard hostnames in the prefix form, which is useful when exposing several domains. D. 100% avaibility to manage resources. Compute instance metrics are supported on current platform images and on custom images that are based on current platform images. B. Dapr uses a fixed key scheme with composite keys to partition state across applications. which oci monitoring service feature uses metrics for monitoring? We are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog post, "AWS DMS key troubleshooting metrics and performance enhancers"! Metrics come from a variety of sources: CyberAgentKubernetes as a Service / Kaas Product Owner / Software Engineer CyberAgentKaaSOpenStack HeatCluster API . Bastion Yearly Flex, Which OCI service should you use to run Apache Spark applications? 1. You want to perform advanced analysis of the log data to find potential issues, detect anomalies, and fix the issues. How will you configure high availability for an application in an OCI with a single Availability Domain? 2. Compare price, features, and reviews of the software side-by-side to make the best choice for your business. 3. (Correct), Block Volume (up to 100 GB total storage), Autonomous Database (up to two database instances), OCI Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) E. Fault domains are logical center within regions. OCI Vault Master Encryption Keys, How is a resource in OCI identified? This resolution changes the regularity at which the aggregation windows shift, or the start times of successive aggregation windows. For more information, see the Overview of Monitoring. Resource OCID You want to perform advanced analysis of the log data to find potential issues, detect anomalies, and fix the issue. Which statement is true about OCI File Storage? For valid interval options in MQL expressions, see. 3. the last 24 hours),statistic, and interval. OCI Service Mesh uses identities and encryption for all communication between mutually authenticated microservices, together with permission checks imposed by policies. 3. 2. The Metrics feature relays metric data about the health, capacity, and performance of your cloud resources. Each Fault Domain has three Availability Domains, The physical location where OCI data centers are located are referred to as OCI Regions 5. 4. 2.Encryption Wallet Copyright 2023, Oracle and/or its affiliates. Manageability 3. 1. As shown in the following illustration, resolution controls the start time of each aggregation window relative to the previous window while interval controls the length of the windows. The ingress gateway routes traffic from external clients to the cluster's microservices using a set of rules. B. Terraform If the instance does not have a public IP address, set up a service gateway on the virtual cloud network (VCN). You can access the Monitoring service using the Console (a browser-based interface) or the Monitoring REST API. If you see metric charts with data, then the Monitoring service is receiving metrics from this instance. Personnel security By querying the Monitoring service for this data, you can understand how well the systems and processes are working to achieve the service levels you commit to your customers. Describe the relationship between HIV and AIDS. (Correct). The following example shows an alarm message sent to an Email subscription when the alarm is configured for Send formatted messages. Parallel Scaling 1. Copyright 2023, Oracle and/or its affiliates. Description; Available Commands; alarm-dimension-states . The Alarms feature of the Monitoring service works with the configured destination service to notify you when metrics meet alarm-specified triggers. (Correct), Your tenancy by default comes with a root compartment. For more information, see Getting Started with Policies. (Correct), 1Z0-1094-21 || Oracle Cloud Database Migration & Integration Set 1, Answer :*Filter malicious web traffic 1. (Correct), 1Z0-1072-21 & 1Z0-997-21 | Exam Practice Tests - Bundle Set 7, Answer :*Data Encryption keys OCI Private Region 3. It is an alternative to Autonomous Data Warehouse. It enables you to monitor cloud resources using metrics and alarms. C. Fault domains are used to migrate hardware failures. Which Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) component is created by using the Start VCN Wizard? 3. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Foundations certification is intended for individuals looking to demonstrate fundamental knowledge of public cloud services provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.This certification is targeted towards candidates with non-technical backgrounds such as those involved in selling or procuring cloud solutions, as well as those with a technical background who want to validate their foundational-level knowledge around core OCI services.This exam does not require any hands-on technical experience and is not a prerequisite for taking any other OCI certifications. 4. (Correct)*It provides a repository of searchable metadata. B. OCI customer region Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Monitoring Services Oracle Cloud Infrastructure combines ease of use and is designed to provide detailed information about application availability and performance, quickly identifying issues, and ensuring consistent quality of application services. 1. (Correct), 1Z0-931-21 || Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Set 1, Answer :*Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Exadata DB Systems 3. If monitoring is not enabled (and the instance uses a supported image), then a button is available to enable monitoring. 4. 110 metric streams transition from OK to FIRING. Bring your own license Following are the maximum time ranges returned for each interval selection available in the Console (Basic mode). (Correct). It always gets a public IP address. 2. What angle with the vertical will be made by the loosely hanging hand straps? For descriptions of title, body, and other parameters, see Alarm Message Format. A single registry can contain both private and public Docker repositories. Cloud Migration Data Flow 3. 4. data points, or timestamp-value pairs, along What should you use to achieve this? The time when the alarm was triggered, in ISO-8601 format. This allows for A/B testing, applying a different load balancing policy to traffic for a specific subset of microservice instances, and performing canary deployments to accelerate deployments with minimal microservice interruption. Each Availability Domain has a single Fault Domain. Access policies define how microservices can communicate with one another declaratively, without affecting the underlying programming logic. Paid Account, Which type of SLA is not offered by the OCI Compute service? These metrics are required to use features such as autoscaling, metrics, alarms, and notifications with compute instances. It is an additional cost to the Data Science service. Elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA). Compartment Ans: OCI Registry 3. You can launch either virtual machines or bare metal instances. C. VMware workloads are refactored for migration. Question 13. The earliest data point possible within this seven-day period would be 10:00 on January 1 (2023-01-01T10:00:00.789Z). With OCI, pricing is low and predictable across all regions and services. It provides a single size for different types of workloads. 1. And then displays them on Grafana. For example, if you update an alarm to split notifications, then it might take up to five minutes for metric stream status to be populated in the Console. Review parameter descriptions for alarm messages and example messages. You need to automatically match capacity to demand, keep the application always up and running, and save cost. 2. Which is NOT a valid method for authenticating a Principal in OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM) service? Exadata Cloud@Customer Wich two statements correctly describe attributes of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) compartments? B. Reserve a single topic or stream for use with a high-volume alarm. It cannot leverage the auto-scaling feature. that you enable to use metric data. Experience in planning infrastructure modernization as a technical consultant, technical pre-sales . You want to provide restricted and time-limited access to databases that don't have public endpoints. Default security list, with default security rules. This plugin makes queries to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Monitoring Service to fetch metrics for your OCI resources or your custom metrics in OCI. oak lawn restaurant owner dies,